fredag, juli 3

Asians: A Case Study

A friend of mine, Alva actually, claim that she thinks grown-up asian women (at least those commonly seen on film and in photography) look like children. It occured to me that I should try to disprove that somewhat by a simple case study. Let's look at, for example, Zhou Xun, who might still be one of the most child-like adult humans currently alive:

Zhou Xun (grownup version):

Zhou Xun (child version):

While there's some similarites, the head-to-shoulders-ratio is vastly greater in the child version, the nose is flatter, the jawline rounder, and the cheeks more puffy. There's quite a difference here.

Also, while Li Xiaolu might be destined to look like sixteen 'til she's fifty, she has apparently lost some puppy fat after she became, y'know, grownup:

Li Xiaolu (teen version):

Li Xiaolu (adult version):

She actually seem to have lost way too much fat nowadays, but that's another issue entirely. And of course it's her problem and not mine, I'm not gonna judge anyone... I just found her hotter with curves :-/

I will now consider it scientifically proven that asian women does not look like children. At least not asian children. It's still possible that they might look like western children (I'm a fan of Gimbutas after all, and thus inclined toward very...liberal...interpretations of known facts), but I considered it improbable, as it seems I generally find asians attractive, but not children. Still, I guess I might be proven wrong. I'm not sure I would like the implications of that...