tisdag, mars 31


Det här fantastiska lilla klippet sprider sig som en löpeld just nu:

De ansvariga är alltså...nej vänta, jag vill att folk från Jänkistan ska kunna läsa det här, låt oss byta språk.

A similar clip about Malmö have circulated before, it was from FOX back then. That time, though, you could at least try to believe that they were just sadly mistaken about issues in Sweden, and had bought into the whole american "Europe is getting overrun by muslims! Oh noes!"-lunacy.

Of course, I should have known better. It was FOX, after all.

This time, it's from CBN, a right-wing, christian tv network, and it's downright propaganda, easily on par with things you'd see on chinese television in the 80s. Observe, for example, how they readily clump leftists, muslims, arabs and anarchists together in one big block of enemies of society. That's one of the oldest tricks in the book.

I won't even bother to pick this shit apart, it'll likely be apparent to every sane swede just how bigoted and vile it is. If any american whatsoever should ever happen to read this, though, you should know that the Sweden democrats that are almost the only ones CBN interviews are actually a very small party, not even qualified for parliament, and widely considered right-wing extremist among the broad swedish population. They're in fact so impopular, nay, despised, that all political parties in the parliament downright refuse to collaborate with them.

And, about that pro-israeli demonstration...it consisted of a small group of zionists that demanded solidarity with a state that elsewhere, at the very same time, were killing palestinians civilians in Gaza. It seems to me like you almost should expect a violent reaction to that.

Instead, I would like to complement CBN for, for once, making me fucking proud to be a swede. I am proud to be one of those leftists/arabs/muslims/anarchists that you people so despise. I would also like to thank all arabs and muslims (and kurds and persians and all other immigrants, for that matter, whatever their religion or ethnicity) for coming here. Yes, there have been problems, many immigrants have been relegated to poor suburbs and caught in crime and poverty. It's bad, and sad...

But the immigrants have also contributed greatly to society in every imaginable way. They've worked, started companies, created awesome culture, and generally been really nice to have around. The most interesting areas in history have always been those that were crossroads of cultures. That's where ideas and inventions are exchanged and spread. Americans always claim proudly that their country were built by immigrants. Why, then, would immigration suddenly be a bad thing? Because the arabs are poor? So were the swedes and irish that came to America. Because the arabs are different? So were the chinese that came to America, not to mention the various european sects that sought refuge from persecution there.

No, it's because the arabs are muslims, of course. They threathen the true faith. They're evil terrorists, all of them. They all want to mutilate vulvas, force everyone to grow a beard and forbid all things enjoyable in life. *sigh*

And yeah, let's not forget...they've got oil.

Multiculturalism is a good, good thing - history strongly seem to suggest that cultures that isolate themselves eventually stagnates culturally, technologically and socially, and become backward and totalitarian. (That's the way the US are going right now). Dynamic, tolerant and multicultural societies have always achieved more.

And they always will.

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  1. Du menar att USA inte är multikulturellt? :\ Man kan säga mycket om jänkarna, men man kan inte säga att de inte är bra på att hantera kulturell mångfald. På sitt eget särskilda, amerikanska vis, förstås.